Laser Resurfacing

What is laser resurfacing and who can opt for it?

  • Carbon dioxide laser is the latest and time tested method for scar revision or rejuvenation of skin. Acne scars, chicken pox scars, burns and traumatic scars can improve considerably with a few sittings with this laser. This laser can also be used for antiaging due to its effect on collagen remodeling which is the same mechanism by which it improves scars.

When can we see the results?

  • The results are seen slowly over a few sitting. The number of sittings required for scar improvement varies for patient to patient

What precautions are to be taken?

  • Some swelling may be there immediately after procedure. Sunprotection is of utmost importance after the procedure and should be continued for one and half months. Soap should be avoided for at least 5 days after the procedure. It is normal to see black scabs on the areas treated for 5 to 10 days following which they fall off on their own. It is imperative not to remove the scabs by manipulation.

When can you expect results?

  • The complete and final result may be seen after 8 months to 1 year after the surgery.

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