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  • » Management of all skin    and nail diseases
  • » Ringworm/Fungal Infection
  • » Psoriasis management
  • » Vitiligo treatment and    surgery
  • » Pigmentation



  • » Wart removal
  • » Mole removal
  • » Skin tags
  • » Keloids/Hypertophic scars
  • » Vitiligo surgery
  • » Nail Surgery
  • » Ear lobe repair
  • » DPN

About Dr.Shaurya Rohatgi

Dr. Shaurya Rohatgi is a consultant dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon practising in Mumbai. He was Assistant Professor at MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai and has a total teaching experience of 5 years in dermatology. Apart from treating daily cases of skin, hair and nail patients, he has done numerous procedures for various indication of laser in aesthetic dermatology. He has done numerous successful hair transplant surgeries. He has a very keen interest in academics and has published 20 articles in various reputed national and international journals. He has given many lectures in conferences about the recent advances in the subject. He has also authored chapters in various books on topics ranging from atopic eczema to hair transplant surgery.

  • Global Education Award at International Congress of Dermatology, New Delhi.
  • Thesis Grant by JSS University in 2012.
  • Reviewer, Journal of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.
  • Editorial board member, International Journal of Medical Science.
  • Editorial board member, Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology.
  • Editorial board member, Dermatology Case Reports.
  • Editorial board member, Journal of Surgical Dermatology.
  • Editorial board member, Investigative Dermatology and Venereology Research.
  • Editorial board Member, Journal of Clinical Case Studies.
  • Editorial board member, Pediatric Oncall.
  • Editorial board member, ARC Journal of Dermatology.
  • Editorial board member, Journal of Dermatology and Pigmentation Research.
  • Editorial board member, Current Updates in Dermatology Research.
  • Reviewer, MGM Journal of Medical Sciences.
  • Rohatgi S, Basavaraj KH, Ashwini PK, Kanthraj GR. Role of tetracycline in recalcitrant erythema nodosum. Indian Dermatol Online J 2014; 5: 314-5.
  • Rohatgi S, Lathia T. The curious case of prolactin hormone. Indian J Dermatol 2015; 60: 310.
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  • Indian Dermatology Online Journal (Accepted) – Ardeshna KP, Rohatgi S, Jerajani HR. Fixed Drug Eruption to Cetirizine: An unusual Villain.

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